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Hope4Youth is developing an Architecture  Program for youth of ages 11-18 to be exposed to other career choices other than the common ones like doctors, Lawyers, Nurse, and Teachers. Our goal for this program teaches youth about Architecture and to show the creativity, the artistic expression that it provides, and to show the designing process.

Architecture Program Outline and Descriptions

We will do the Architecture class virtually. In classes, we will go over design options, drawings, architecture history, and Modeling houses. In the summer we will do a Summer internship, sending interested Youth to Architect Companies to job shadow. Also, for the high school students, we will take the youth to do a tour of the Colleges that offer Architecture.  

The program fee will be a one-time fee of $75. For Youth who can’t afford the program, we will have someone to sponsor the cost for them to attend. Funds will be used for Arch kits that we would mail out to each youth that is a part of the program and Software for them to use as well. 




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