The Founders

Desiree Williams Founder/CEO

Desiree Williams, Chief Executive Director and one of the founders for Hope4Youth. Desiree’s passion to see youth bring out their best potential is what lead her to pursue this journey of giving back to the youth in the community.

  Desiree has played a role in youth development through her church and career. She has been an active part of the children’s & youth ministries at her local church in Shreveport for 14 years. There, she has served as a teacher for Sunday School, Children’s Worship, and Bible Study. She also currently serves as the Youth Outreach Coordinator and Mime Instructor.

  In Desiree’s career, she held the position of Parent Support Specialist, Parent Trainer, and Supervisor with Ehkaya Youth Support Agency. Desiree currently works with The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Shreveport where she began as the Receptionist, and now serves as the Program Coordinator.

DaShawn Harris Founder/COO

Dashawn Harris serves as Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hope4Youth. He was born in Shreveport, LA in the Cedar Grove area. He has a 7-year-old son. DaShawn is passionate about helping youth in the community with Youth development.

        Dashawn Harris’s professional career includes 7 Years of Managing a Youth Non-Profit and Developing a Statewide Youth Program. He started working at Ekhaya Youth Project (the first Family Support Organization ) in Louisiana as a Youth Support, Supervisor, Regional Manager, and Statewide Program Coordinator. DaShawn lead the MYLIFE Program for Ekhaya Youth Project, which started off in one region. He was able to make the MYLIFE Program Statewide within 8 Months. He help put together large events with Magellan like Youth Day at the Capitol, MYFEST, and Stop the Violence Block Party that brought 3,000+ attendance, Youth, and Families to those events. DaShawn also managed large budgets for these events. He also did numerous interviews with News media, and Radio Media. He is also pursuing his BA in Architecture and plans on pursuing his Master’s Degree in Architecture.

Hope4Youth is a youth non-profit. Our mission is: To help youth strive for the next level in their skills and offer encouragement as they face day-to-day challenges. It will be our duty to build leaders of tomorrow and inspire hope into their lives.


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